100g Beetroot Carpaccio (7)

with goat cheese

175 CZK

100g Roast beef (1,3,7,10)

with whipped Cottage and horseradish, bread

238 CZK

80g Poultry pâté (1,3,7)

with fried pork lard and caramelised onions, almond streusel, bread

82 CZK


0.3l Beef consommé (1,3,7,9)

with liver dumplings, noodles, and meat

82 CZK

0.3l Cream of pumpkin (1,3,7)

with toasted seeds and chilli

112 CZK

Children's meals

150g Chicken schnitzel (1,3,7)

with home-made chips

135 CZK

350g Torn pancakes (1,3,7,8)

with hot strawberries, whipped cream and nuts

185 CZK

Salads and vegetarian dishes

350g Caesar salad (1,3,4,7,10)

with anchovy dressing, grilled chicken, Parmesan, and croutons

249 CZK

300g Pappardelle (1,3,7)

with mushroom sauce and Parmesan cheese

265 CZK

350g Fried Olomouc stinky cheese (1,3,7)

with buttery boiled potatoes

185 CZK

Main dishes

200g Beef tenderloin steak (7)

with pepper sauce and home-made fries

478 CZK

200g Grilled flank steak (7)

with garlic mashed potatoes and peas

325 CZK

200g Grilled pork tenderloin (1,3,7,10)

with spicy mayonnaise and grenaille potatoes

245 CZK

150g Wild boar goulash (1,3)

served with home-made potato pancakes

205 CZK

1pc Duck breast 

with beluga lentil salad

358 CZK

200g Thinly sliced chicken breast 

home-made frensch fries

205 CZK

350g Gnocchi with leaf spinach (1,3,7)

and chicken meat

219 CZK

250g Fried pork neck (1,3,7)

with boiled potatoes and cream cucumber salad 

225 CZK

150g Beef tenderloin baked in cream sauce (1,3,7,9,10)

served with Carlsbad dumplings, lemon, cranberries and whipped cream

219 CZK


1 pc Chocolate cake (1,3,7)

with warm fruit, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream

185 CZK

2 pcs Pear strudel (1,3,7)

with whipped cream

125 CZK

150ml Warm raspberries (7)

with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

165 CZK

Selection of home-made desserts

according to the daily menu 

Beer snacks

200g Potato crisps (7)

herb and chilli dip

85 CZK

100g Almonds roasted in butter (7,8)

118 CZK

300g Fried chicken and pork schnitzels (1,3,7)

fresh vegetable salad, bread

239 CZK

Side dishes

200g Homemade fries

39 CZK

200g McCain julienne fries

52 CZK

200g Boiled, buttered potatoes

38 CZK

200g Buttered vegetables

92 CZK

80g Basket of bread

40 CZK

80g Tatar sauce

43 CZK

80g Spicy chilli sauce

39 CZK

80g Cream dip with dill

48 CZK

80g Ketchup

20 CZK

Allergens are shown beside meals in grey:

  1. gluten
  2. crustaceans
  3. eggs
  4. fish
  5. peanuts
  6. soya
  7. milk
  1. nuts
  2. celery
  3. mustard 
  4. sesame seeds
  5. sulphur dioxide
  6. lupin
  7. molluscs

weight of meat before cooking we charge 70 % 

of the price of a meal for a half portion