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Potštejn Castle

Potštejn Castle is a picturesque Baroque castle in Eastern Bohemia built by Count Jan Ludvík Harbuval Chamaré in the years 1749-1755. The idyllic landscape of the foothills of the Eagle Mountains boasts numerous cultural monuments. In addition to the majestic ruins of Potštejn Castle, it is also a chateau. It is an ideal place for small and large, for individuals and groups, for those looking for history and culture, but also for those who want to experience something truly unusual.

The newly renovated Potštejn chateau offers many interesting attractions and cultural experiences such as classic tours of the castle interiors, haunted Bubákov cellars, fairytale tours in baroque costumes for children and adults, night tours with a slightly ticklish touch, fairytale exposition for the youngest "Fairy tales", castle confectionery, accommodation directly at the castle, a romantic castle park freely accessible for walks.

Visitors can see the historic interiors of the castle with period furniture. Repairs of the chateau continue every year and last year the reconstruction of the first floor of the chateau was completely completed, where 12 rooms are accessible to tourists. The greatest pride of the chateau is the marble representative hall with a rococo ceiling, the newly consecrated Holy Trinity Chapel, the dining room with a family portrait gallery, the chateau library and the bathroom with murals.

The normal operation of the castle is diversified by numerous cultural events, exhibitions and concerts. More information and prices can be found at

Searching Stromuch

Stromouch is a fairytale elf. But he is very shy, few people have seen him, and that is why his annual search is organized - a tourist march. This hiking trip is always held on the 1st Saturday in March in the beautiful countryside around Ústí nad Orlicí. This year marks the start of the march on March 7, 2020.

Start The search for Stromoucha is set between 7 am and 10 am from the Chaplin Restaurant in Ústí nad Orlicí. The organizers have outlined several routes that you can walk and that will take you back to the pub. On the go, you can also look forward to traditional gingerbread, tourist business cards or participation sheets.

Take part in the Search for Stromoucha with your whole family! You can stay at the Hotel Uno directly in Ústí nad Orlicí. In it you will also find a non-smoking restaurant, suitable for children, which offers a truly gourmet experience.

Bike trips

Třebovské stěny

From Ústí nad Orlicí we leave through the center towards Letohrad. In the local part of Oldřichovice, turn right onto the cycle route No. 4045 , which we continue around the airport, through Knapovec, Dolní and Horní Houžovec. At the end of the village, the cycle path turns right onto a local paved road that will take us to the ridge of Třebovské walls. Here we have a lot of views of the foothills of the Eagle Mountains. After about 3 km we come across a blue tourist sign, after which we turn to interesting rock formations. The Třebovské walls stretch for sixteen kilometers from the village of Damníkov to the ruins of Lanšperk Castle. Their western slopes gradually slope towards Česká Třebová, but the opposite side forms a terrain break with exposed rock formations up to 200 meters high. Třebovské stěny is the youngest nature reserve in the wide region. After a tour of the rock formations, we return to the bike path and continue through the village of Skuhrov further along the ridge. After about 1 km there is a view of the Eagle Mountains, Králický Sněžník and Jeseníky Mountains. After another 1.5 km we are at the highest point of our route. After entering the forest, we turn right along the cycle route No. 4050 and now we have a few kilometers down the forest section towards the village of Rybník. After leaving the forest, we arrive in the cottage area, where there is the possibility of refreshments in the Pension Srnov, which stands to the right of the route on the hillside. Following the asphalt road, we will continue through Rybník to Česká Třebová on the square, where we have other refreshments in several restaurants or in a mini-brewery. After a tour of the center, we continue along the cycle route No. 4061 around the river Třebovka through Dlouhá Třebová back to Ústí nad Orlicí.

On Homola and the Tichá Orlice valley

From Ústí nad Orlicí we leave towards the ČD railway station. In front of the bridge over Tichá Orlica, we turn onto the cycle path number 4048 and continue along the river to Dolní Libchava. After the railway crossing, turn left onto the cycle path number 4046 and on the asphalt road we climb about 3 km. On the hill we come across a crossroads of bike paths. (Those thirsty here can turn to the cottage settlement Klopoty, where there is a restaurant). We continue along the bike path number 4046 across the Rviště na Rozsochu. Here the ascent ends for a while and a 6 km long road down the village through the villages of Velká and Malá Skrovnice to Lhot u Potštejna awaits us. Here on the square we go on a bike path number 4319, from which after 700 m we turn left up a gentle hill and after 250 m there is a beautiful view of the baroque pilgrimage site of Homole, whose attraction is a 153-step staircase. It is a construction and art-historical rarity in Europe. After the tour, we continue along the local road around the stud farm and at the exit of the road we turn left and reach Chocna after 6 km via Koldín. Of interest are worth visiting the square or the Renaissance castle with an English park. Opposite the chateau, we continue through a beautiful valley upstream of the Tichá Orlice along a cycle path number 4061 via Peliny and after 2 km we come to Pension Mítkov, where we can have a snack. The route continues through the valley to the town of Brandýs nad Orlicí with a well-known rehabilitation institute and a history connected with J. A. Komenský. Behind the square, the cycle path turns to the right and around the football field, and across the bridge over the river, it leads us to the monument to J. A. Komenský, where there is another attraction, namely a natural maze. Around the swimming pool, the route continues across the crossing and behind the pond we drive onto the road, from which after 700 m in the settlement of Perná we turn right again onto the cycle route. number 4061. A relaxing 10 km route awaits us now, on which there are several fast food options in several buffets, around the Tichá Orlice stream through Bezpráví, Kerhartice back to Ústí nad Orlicí.

Over 4 castles

From Ústí nad Orlicí we leave towards the ČD railway station. In front of the bridge over Tichá Orlica, we turn onto the cycle route no. 4048 and continue along the river to Dolní Libchava. After the railway crossing, turn right and continue along the cycle route no. 4048 around the tourist camp in Cakli, where there is the possibility of refreshments, boat rental or an artificial climbing wall. We continue through the valley of Tichá Orlice along a new asphalt cycle path to the settlement of Lanšperk. Here we have the opportunity to recharge our batteries at the ČD stop. Here we can turn right from the bike path uphill and after 2 km of ascent we will visit our 1st castle. Originally the royal castle Lanšperk has long been one of the important castles in the Ústí nad Labem region. It will be deserted from the end of the 16th century and today it is already in the stage of advanced ruins. The torso of the mighty perimeter wall, which Lanšperk fits into a typical representative of the castle with a mantle wall, is still a significant decoration of the high slope above the Tichá Orlice valley. From the castle there is a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. We will return quickly to the valley and continue along a relaxed cycle path around the golf course in Hnátnice to Letohrad. In Letohrad, the castle with the adjacent park, the Municipal Museum and the Museum of Crafts are worth a visit. From Letohrad we continue around swimming pool on the asphalt cycle path no. 4074 above the village Lukavice to Žamberk. At the end of Lukavice, we turn off the bike path into the old chestnut alley, which will take us to the castle park with a slight climb. Here, by turning right, we will connect to our cycle route again, and after 1 km of descent through the park around the castle ponds, we will cross the road and continue past the winter stadium to the swimming pool. Here we have another option for refreshments. From the swimming pool, we continue along the Divoká Orlice river along the yellow cycle route No. 4073 through the settlement of Polsko to the bridge in Helvíkovice. Here is another tourist attraction, namely the birth house of Prokop Diviš with his lightning rod. We continue along the cycle route through the village of Helvíkovice, then across the river uphill to the settlement of Popluží. We descend the hill and just behind the track, the bike path turns right onto a paved forest path. A 4 km forest route awaits us with a slight descent to the village of Bohousová. Here, after the crossing, we turn left and follow the road after 3 km to Litice nad Orlicí. In the Inn under the castle we will gain lost strength and we can go to our 2nd castle. Litice, a half-ruined castle of the Drslavice and Lords of Kunštát and Poděbrady on a high wooded hill surrounded by the Orlice River between Vamberk and Žamberk, is the only construction company of the "Hussite" King George of Poděbrady. This fact, together with the solid preservation of most of the main buildings and the location of the castle in a beautiful landscape, makes Litice a building worthy of tourist interest. Our route continues along the red tourist sign and the cycle route no. 4072 through the picturesque Divoká Orlice valley. In some places it is necessary to lead a bike for a rocky surface, but this will completely compensate for the beauty of the surrounding nature. After 5 km, the route will take us through the settlement of Brná to Potštejn. We descend around the chateau to the local famous confectionery, where we can recharge our batteries and prepare for a visit to the 3rd castle. The dominant feature of Potštejn are the ruins of a massive castle, whose history begins at the end of the 13th century (1295). It was founded by the Drslavice family from western Bohemia. In the area of ​​the castle is the chapel of St. Jan Nepomucký (1766), the last stop on the Stations of the Cross "God's Tomb" (1754) and a memorial plaque to Jirásek's "Treasure". In the fourth entrance gate there is an exhibition documenting the history of the castle. From the confectionery we continue down the alley upstream to the Western Camp Vochtánka with a rich cultural program and other refreshments. Following the green tourist sign, we will get back to road No. 1 and continue along it for about 6 km through Sopotnice to České Libchavy. Here we turn left at the church on the road towards Žamberk. After 700 m we turn right onto the local road to Žampach, along which cycle route No. 18 leads. The route ascends here again and after 5 km we are below our 4th castle. Žampach Castle was built in the second half of the 13th century, in 1355 it was conquered by Charles IV. victory over the robber knight Jan of Smojno, called Pancíř. In the years 1367 - 1574 it belonged to the Žampachs of Potštejn, by which it was restored in 1469; in the years 1634 - 1648 it was looted and deserted several times. In the former castle, in the former chateau, there is the Žampach Arboretum, which is part of the chateau parks. Castle parks with a total area of ​​more than 4 ha are divided into upper and lower part (under the road) and a park in the inner castle grounds. A board information system is being implemented in the area and in the upper castle park, the aim of which is to provide basic information about the trees and shrubs represented in the park planting. The Žampach Arboretum is an integral part of the Home under the Žampach Castle. Our route continues downhill along the cycle route no. 4053 to the village of Písečná, where in the Růženka pub we can replenish our forces before the next trip. Right behind the pub, the cycle path leads to the right along the local road and through a beautiful valley around the pond in Šuška, it takes us to the Letohrad - Ústí nad Orlicí cycle route, , after which we return to Ústí nad Orlicí.

Litomyšl, Kozlov lookout tower

From Ústí nad Orlicí we leave towards the ČD railway station. In front of the station, we turn left over the tracks and follow the local road through Kerhartice. After the town, we do not turn to the cycle path around the track, but we cross the bridge and take the road to Chocna, along which the cycle route no. 4049 . After a 3 km climb, turn left at the crossroads onto the road in the direction of Litomyšl. After a challenging climb, we now have a leisurely 12 km path along the cycle route no. 182 via Sloupnice, Kornice and Nedošín to Litomyšl. In Litomyšl we can find countless monuments that are worth seeing (eg the castle grounds registered in the UNESCO list, the square with the Gothic town hall, the museum and others). From Litomyšl, we continue around the chateau along the cycle route No. 4219 leading along the road towards Česká Třebová, from which the cycle route turns along the local road for 7 km by climbing through the villages of Suchá and Pazucha to Kozlovský kopec. Kozlovský kopec is a hill named after the village of Kozlov, lying below it, about 2.5 km southwest of the town of Česká Třebová. At the top is the tourist cottage M. Švabinský from 1933, offering refreshments and accommodation. Nearby, since 2001, there is a metal 55 m high transmission tower with an observation platform at a height of 33 m, which allows a view of the Giant Mountains, the Jeseníky Mountains and the Žďár Hills in good weather. Our next journey continues from the crossroads under the tourist hut along the cycle route no. 4047 on a dirt and forest road. After 3 km of relaxation in the forest, in the settlement of Zhoř we turn right with the hills along the road and after 400 m we turn left onto the local road still along the cycle route no. 4047 . We continue down the hill to the village of Přívrat. Here at the pond we turn right onto the cycle route no. 4055 , which will take us over the hill after 3.5 km to Dlouhá Třebová, where we will connect to the cycle route no. 4061 and we will drive comfortably to Ústí nad Orlicí.
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